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Why do you want to know about me anyway? Huh? I am just a 30 something years old male, married with kids, nothing special. But since you are so nosy by clicking on this page, I will shed you a light.....

I live in Sydney, Australia. I have been here almost 20 years now. Australia is a great place to hang out, lots and lots of places to see and go. As you will soon see in my Blog.

Expect to see a picture of me? Fat chance......

I have a quite a few hobbies. List is here:

  • Fishing (Haven't been going for so long)
  • Cycling (Just started... Because I am too fat)
  • Photography (What a pricy hobby)
  • Remote control plane (These things are so touchy, hard to fly)
  • Remote control cars
  • Computers
  • Camping
  • 4WD driving (Not that I been anywhere doing 4WD...)

You see? I have too many hobbies and too little income and time ....LOL. Well men got to have their toys right?

Hmmm... What else can I say? Ha I know, about work!

I am a system's engineer in the IT industry working at a major telecommunication carrier. Workmates call me dim sim. Well you guessed, I am Yellow, short, dark hair with glasses. Sound very typical doesn't it? haha.

Anyway, that's all I can think of for now..maybe I write some more one day.


About Me

Ha! I just had my birthday. Didn't do much just chill and stayed at home......