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Today is the BIG day! My wife and I had been looking for something like this for quite a while. We first started looking at a Black wolf Turbo tent with all the attachments, which will give us and kids more space than the current little 3m x 3m tent that we have got. The total price of the Black wolf comes to almost $2000 for the complete setup. The good thing about the tent is that it is more mobile when 4WD driving compare to a camper trailer. There is a a lot of places which you can't lug a trailer with you. So it does have it good points.

The bad point is how to store them! Our current setup in the little 3m x 3m tent had already pack the car out. Which means we have not space for the new tent. If I get it, I am going to have to store it on the roof rack. Which means another $1000 for the alloy tray and canvas beg to go with it. So all up would be in the $3000 range......

After a brief discussion I had with my wife whilst we were in the shop, we decided to think it over again. We then started to browse around the shop to see what else is there. We then stumble across a offroad camper trailer at a cost of $6199 complete with a camper top and awning. My wife said to me, If we need to spend $3000 on the tent and it's related accessory and still have a storage problem, she rather get this. Yes we will spend more but no more storage problems!

I had a good look of the camper while we were in the shop. I reckon we can do better than the $6199 price stag, which I believe it is a bit steep for what you get. The trailer is a high sided one, but it is not galvanised or powder coded.... and the options list will scare you away. I started looking around and make a few calls and this is what I end up with!

This camper trailer is the mid model they have out of 3 models that they sell. I got this one for $4300 complete with galvanised front storage box and underside water tank. There is a jerry can and a gas 4.5KG gas bottle on the side is well.

On the drive home I already noticed the weight behind my car, I can't imagine how much this whole thing will weight after I put all the stuff in there.....

After I got home, it already started to go dark, so I did not open it up and have a look only took these pictures. Now this gives me something to do in the weekend!

Lots of things to customise it. I am looking for different options now. Once it is done I post more stuff on the blog.