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Since the camping trip last time. I got Jim hooked on camping .....LOL. This is good now. I can have some company while we out and about.

We decided we will go again before it gets too cold. I was aiming for end of July as it is winter down under and I have little kids, did not want them to be frozen.

I made a plan up to venture further into the Wombeyan caves camping ground. The plan was to go to Yerranderie private town, which is another 70.938KM beyond the Wombeyan caves. The planned route is a 4WD only route as it includes couple of shallow river crossing and steep descend / ascend. That should entertain my hunger for getting the car dirty, and give the car a good trial of it's abilities. I had never used any of the so call "Toyota DAT" aids in the car. (Traction Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Downhill Assist Control....etc)

At the Yerranderie private town, there is ample stuff to do and lots of creature comfort and amenities. It should keep the wife and family happy. There is also quite a few sites to see while we are there, I think it will be fun.

The plan took me 4hrs to do on the computer. Damn it takes a long time! Once the plan was drawn up, I dropped an email to Jim ask him what he thinks. He tells me he does not get to leave his house until 3:30PM earliest, so it is too far...

Well so much for 4hrs effort. Anyway no matter! I will be there one day.

This planned trip was to Yerranderie private town via Wombeyan Caves camping ground.

The planned trip date is on the 01 August 2008 to 3 August 2008.

Route plan can be downloaded here. Route plan are in Magellan format.