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Went to Wombeyan caves for a quick dash of get away. Wow what a quick get away! I thought it be nice and easy and just stuff couple of bag in the car and that's it but with all the stuff my wife and kids wanted to bring it does not fit in the car. I thought about taking the trailer, but wife said no....end up having to drive two cars.

My mate Jim suppose to meet me up at Mittagong at around 10:00AM. As usual he is late, so I had to go into the camping ground first to get a good site to camp on.

The drive into Wombeyan caves involves driving through a stretch of 34Km of dirt road. I was very sceptical if the little Honda Jazz can make it through without shaking it so much that it turns into spare parts. Well no need to fear, as it turns out the little Honda Jazz can zigzag and doge most of the pot holes along the way. I am happy that it got there in one piece.

Once we got there, there was already quite a handful of people already setup. I pick the best place I could find and started putting my tent up. The place I choose is quite close to amenities.

At about 2:00PM, my handheld radio sounds. Well which means Jim is close by. as we both set the radio on UHF 26. At first I couldn't hear much from him, but once I turn on the in car radio, it is a lot better. 10mins later he arrived.

As this is the first time camping for Jim, the amount of stuff he managed to stuff inside the troopy is purely amazing.

After the tents had been setup. We pretty much relex and walk around a little and start cooking dinner. We also light up a little fire for us to get warm. Since it was queen's birthday holiday, there is also fireworks at night which the kids love to see.

Just before we hit the bed, we were warming up ourselves with hot drink and stand around the fire. Jim the maniac decided his backside is too cold, so he pull his pants down and warm his backside up next to the fire.......

The next morning we got up. It started to drizzle a little bit, but that didn't stop the kids. They all went out the field and have a few kicks at the ball. When my daughter comes back, she said she was hot and wanted to take her jacket off. I said "No, you will catch a cold, but I can take your cap off" She agrees. So I took it off and steam started to vent from her hair......damn she is one hot babe!

At lunch time, Jim and his family went off to have a look at the caves. My kids were bugged after the morning HOT exercise, so I put them to bed.

Just before dinner, I had a chance to fly my beloved model airplane. I fly couple of times before the other kids comes around and ruin it all. (The plane I got is only a foam one weights 20grams..... so you can imagine when one of the kids goes "I go get the plane for ya" I was horrified and stop flying.)

The next morning we packed up and drove home. It was a fun couple of days. I did not take many photos on this trip which is a shame. I do more next time! No 4WD driving either......which is something I was thinking to do for a long time.

This trip was to Wombeyan Caves camping ground. The trip is on the 07 June 2008 to 9 June 2008.

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