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Finally, I got an update for this piece of Junk! The new firmware is version 1.39. I had this unit since Nov 2007. Since day one it had not stop crashing. The firmware on the unit is so buggy it is not funny. I had to put up with the crash until today which is almost 10 months later.....

The new firmware had add couple of more new function added. The trail button now works under the GOTO command. Seems like a handy feature to have. I had high hopes for this firmware because these GPS unit is not cheap at all.

Armed with the new firmware, I put it to test on a trip to mid north coast this weekend. The trail line now shows all the time unlike the old firmware which the trail lines disappear after xxx amount of beadcrumbs. The limit of the trail seems to be higher than my old Magellan Explorist XL. (Which is 2000) I had it started to log the trail since I drove out of my drive way. In about 3.5hrs time, I got to Salamander bay, so I stop it and try to save the trail and sync it back to my PC.

Upon saving the trail, it all looks fine until I try to sync it to my PC via Vantage point. After clicking the sync button, it won't sync. It will just give out an error and give up. I tried couple of times, and gave up is well as I thought maybe that particular saves is not good. Since I can try it again when I drive back home.

Got back to home, unpacked everything, took the unit out, save the trail. This time it did save the trail and sync with Vantage point but to my horror, the unit stopped logging after about 2.5Hrs of driving and then it marks the last beadcrumbs somewhere in USA! But during the drive it does not gives you any indication that it crash or it stopped logging. My god, this is really disappointing......

Well I am determine to give it some more test. I will reload the firmware again just to be sure. In the mean time keep driving and keep logging. Fingers crossed! I update this with a progress report when I get to put the unit in more test.


I have reloaded the firmware again today. During the reload, the section where it says erasing / repairing NAND flash is still flagged. I don't know if this got anything to do with the crash trail logs. According to the http:/// it shouldn't be a problem.

I only had been using it to log tracks while I drive to and back from work. ( No long drives or holiday planned... how sad ) The unit seems to be so far so good, I guess I shouldn't be so sure yet. Let see what happens when it goes over the beadcrumb limit and if it puts me in the middle of USA at the end of the trail!

BTW, Where is my 64bit driver for Magellan Triton?


Have to go into town today. Took the unit with me so I can have it log for more beadcrumbs. I noticed the unit looses GPS signal more often than the old firmware. (1.27) I don't know if it is the firmware or because it is cloudy today. I give it more test next week or so as I have to go into town again......


I been driving from home to work with the logging turned on for couple of days now. I saved the track today and loaded into Vantage point. It had tracked a total of 4825 beadcumbs without fail now. Unlike last time, it fail somewhere at 2600 and puts me in the middle of America as the last point. I think it is a little too early to draw any conclusion. The problem with this, is the fact that it is not very reliable you don't know when it will fail. I think I need to give it more vigorous testing before I can post the result. While the unit is still being tested. I devised a backup plan. Look here for it.

Up to today I had the log up to 5759. I was seeing it started to replace the oldest entry on the trail log. Wow it works. On the unit there is other trail loaded so I thought I delete those to see if it can log more beadcrumbs. To my surprise after I came back from work. The trail log is crashed. See the sidebar for the log. The beadcrumb limit is 5759, but why after I deleted the other trails that it stopped erasing the oldest point first? Why it also changes the last beadcrumb to be in the middle of earth? It should start to erase the oldest point of entry instead. I don't get it. I have erased all track logs now and try again....what a process. Why am I doing this?.........

The firmware update is available via Vantage point! Just connect the GPS to USB first then select Connect to PC on the unit, fire up Vantage Point and choose update all.

There is an updated version of the user manual which could be found here.

The crashed track log can be downloaded here. This is a different one than what I said in this blog. As I have lost that one. The fault is repeatable so I told it to log during to and from  work.